“Forgiveness is a medicine”, as Tanmoy Goswami puts it succinctly in a faith-in-humanity-restoring piece for The Correspondent. He tells the story of people who were part of a program aiming to help them forgive “the perpetrators of horrific crimes”.

The program itself involves 9 steps, intended to reframe and refocus the intense feelings of victimization and search for reconciliation towards empowerment and positive outcomes.

  1. “Telling your story to a small set of people you trust 
  2. Committing to forgiveness
  3. Understanding that forgiveness isn’t necessarily about reconciliation
  4. Identifying the real source of your distress 
  5. Learning stress management
  6. Abandoning unreasonable expectations from others 
  7. Refocusing your energy on positive outcomes rather than the feeling of hurt 
  8. Realising that forgiveness is about personal empowerment, and
  9. Positively reframing your grievance story.”

Read the full article here: https://thecorrespondent.com/164/science-shows-forgiveness-really-is-a-medicine/2197916028-64f2a555.

My best wishes for a peaceful day ahead.

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