Imagine that it’s Monday. Imagine that you have become what you always wanted to become or achieved what you long dreamt of. A famous chef? Marathon runner? CEO? You name it. How does it feel? Do you feel accomplished? Happy? Thrilled?

Enough with the imagination. Mind if I ask you something? Are you doing enough to make this come true? Are you doing something everyday to bring you closer to your dream? I hope so but if you are like the rest of us, it’s more likely that you put off the actions for later to pursue more immediate, mundane stuff. Why so? This excellent piece will offer you an amazingly simple and powerful answer:

Simply put, because we focus on the outcome and not on the verb – we want to be successful bloggers but we don’t blog; we want to be brilliant photographers but we don’t take photos; we want to run a marathon but we don’t do the practice runs. We build future identities in our minds but we don’t follow the process. We don’t trust the process if you will; we don’t see how the small steps we take today will take us to a better place tomorrow. Or as Jonah Berger puts it succinctly in his latest book, The Catalyst,

“Change is costly. … The benefits of change, however, tend to take longer to happen.”

Jonah Berger

The way forward? Do the verb. Forget about the identity. Forget about success. Forget about being or wanting to be a brilliant photographer and just take photos. Forget about that marathon and just run. Forget about being a famous chef and just cook. It’s the doing of the verb that takes you there, not constantly imagining the end goal.

“Doing the verb reorients you away from the outcome and toward the process. A focus on the noun inspires grandiose fantasies.”

My best wishes for a great day ahead!

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